so, last year I was working security at our big events center for football. i was standing outside an executive suite, when three young guys came up and started flirting with me. we talked for a while, but it was hard to hear on account of the game in progress. so I just started nodding to what they were saying.

suddenly, one of them said “Dick in a box?”

my obvious reaction was “What the shit are you talking about”

one of the guys in the group stared at me and repeated. “Dick in a box. Andy Samberg.” 

i had no idea what they were talking about, so i just gave them a blank stare.

two of the guys started gesturing towards the third who had been really quiet, saying, “dude. Thats Andy Samberg. Do you not recognize him?”

i turned to him, his face looking vaguely familiar, but i still didn’t know who he was.

the banter continued for a while, until the third guy left in a huff because I “had no clue who he was”

when i got home, i took out my phone and googled this guys name.

Andy Samberg

About 9,490,000 results (0.26 seconds)

this was the same guy that was there with me at the game.

i met andy samberg

…and that concludes the story of how i was a complete dick to Andy Samberg.

#true story

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Favourite. Sketch. Ever.

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